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ASC International Master Class in Mexico

I had the opportunity to organize the ASC International Master Class in Mexico. It was an amazing experience, really complicated but so satisfying. I want to thank Robert Breitenstein, from ARRI, for trusting me. Thank you to all the sponsors for your contribution to this event, without you this would not have been possible -ARRI, Quarry Studios, CTT, EFD, Revolution, FilmLight, Oxido, SinFilm, Cinetec, AMC, FELAFC and Apertura-. Thank you ASC for coming to Mexico, it was such a wonderful time with Bill Bennett ASC, Theo Van De Sande ASC, Chris Chomyn ASC, Joachim Zell and Saul Molina.

I would like to include the link of a small comment Joachim Zell did of this event on the ACES website

In the picture: Bill Bennett ASC, Chris Chomyn ASC, Sandra De Silva De La Torre and Theo Van De Sande ASC

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