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About me


I was born in 1983 in Paris, France but my parents are Mexican. At the age of 6 years old my family had to come back to Mexico City so they decided to enroll me in a French school, Liceo Franco Mexicano.


Since I was a child I dreamed of making movies. Being caught up between two cultures made me understand the diversity that exists in the world. I have always been amazed by human behavior and the relationships we have between each other. The desire to capture, explore and create different worlds is what drove my passion in film. 

After high school I started my studies in film at Instituto Ruso de Cine Sergei Eisenstein, specializing in Directing. Then I studied in Vancouver Film School, in Canada, where I graduated as a Cinematographer. 

After graduation I came back to Mexico in 2006 and started working in commercials, shorts, documentaries and music videos, first in production and later as a focus puller. Between 35mm cameras, video, production, focus pulling and second units, 6 years went by. 


Always looking for a way to improve I decided to go back to school and did a Masters Degree in Cinematography at the prestigious National Film and Television School in the United Kingdom. 

I work in Features: Fiction, Documentary, as well as in Commercials.

I was selected for a mentorship in the ASC in 2021.

I have been jury in several film festivals including PROCINE in México City. 

I have worked in Canada, London, Ireland, Switzerland, India and Mexico. I am a member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers and founder of Apertura.

Me doing a commercial
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